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Triple-Sense Mobile Fleet is an innovative refueling mobility point system that provides automated vehicle fueling. It is installed on a fuel tanker that functions as a mobile fuelling station.

With Mobile Fleet, fleet managers can account for every drop dispensed from each tanker truck automatically and cost effectively.

Being a part of the Fleet Management platform, the Mobile Fleet system is wireless and it routes data from the fuel tank to a central database for consolidated viewing and reporting.

Mobile Fleet GPS identifies the vehicle automatically at the fuelling area entry point. Every time the nozzle is inserted into the fuel tank inlet, vehicle usage data is transmitted via the RF Antenna to the Mobile Fleet controller.

Information is checked against the system's database contained in the local system memory. If the information is accepted, the Mobile Fleet system turns on the selected hose. Real-Time controller updated through the GPRS communication modem, User command will send directlly to the mobile comtroller DB.

Mobile Controller:


Account for every drop dispensed automatically and cost effectively, Tracks every drop dispensed from your trucks automatically

Real-Time refuel limitation Obligo. (Daily, Monthly) GPS refueling location, all refuel points will display Google Map Prevents dispensing the wrong product in multi-hose configurations Records and reconciles fuel consumption to inventories

Gets transaction data from multiple vehicles to a central database Speeds up operation by eliminating manual data

Easy-to-use authorizer simplifies process for tanker truck operators



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