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Base Fuel Station Monitoring

Control Your Fuel...


TSENSE is an Advanced Fuel Monitoring System designed to withstand the Harshest Environments Needed for the Operation of Field Fuel operations. The Fuel Monitor Communicates with the Metering System in a Unique Platform Allowing a Real time data streaming of Fueling procedures according to Truck GPS Location Status of Fueling Transactions and ID of receiver while Happening.

 The Back Office Management System is displayed in Advanced Graphic Interface; Including Real Time Location of refueling points and trucks Transactions. The Software Allows Issuing Transaction Certificates that Include Quantity in Net/Gross, Time of Transaction, Location, Name of Customer and More, all this information can be applied into a billing system.

 The System send Active Alerts to Selected Lists According to Needed Criteria’s.

All Data can be displayed in Visual Annalistic Tools Such as Graphs, Comparison Charts, Grids

and More…  the Annalistic Tools Allow the Operator to Receive a Clear Status of Fleets



Scalable & Modular

Special GSM modules (special GSM fuel controller) transmit information about fuel level in fuel tank to central monitoring station by GSM-GPRS network.

The fuel management panel has the capability to control and manage the consumption of fuel for the private and commercial user sector.

Its intelligent design allows the unit to be easily connected or added to both new and existing pumps providing low cost, simple, easy to use fuel management.

Triple Sense is the perfect solution as an “Add on” unit for existing pumps or where it is preferable to have the pumps and control panel installed in two different places. The Sensatron system consists of a dedicated multi-user panel with the option to connect to a PC.

The control panel has the ability to: Switch a pump on/off Recognize authorized users by means of Ibutton key or pin code Preset a quantity to dispense Manage a pulse meter to measure quantity dispensed Manage an external level switch to control pump operation on low level Operate an external nozzle switch

Fuel Monitoring - most cost effective solution for vehicle fuel monitoring.

Special vehicle wireless fuel Identification Unit (VIU's) stores in its internal memory all information about fuel level in a fuel tank for detail analyzing.

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