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Tsense Wireless Refueling Systems

Tsense AVI system creates a whole new world of fleet fuelling on your sites. We all know that fuel is a near cash commodity and open to theft and fraud.

The Tsense AVI system provides a tight bond between the vehicle, the flow of fuel, and the account, which puts you in control of your fuel.

Whether you operate a retail service station, a home base fuelling depot or a commercial truck stop, Tsense will make a significant financial impact on your business.





Tsense AVI system provides benefits to fuel retailers, their fleet customers, and the fleet drivers, a unique win-win-win situation.Fuel retailers using AVI have seen a rise in overall sales.

This is because the AVI system provides a unique form of loyalty to the retailer’s sites. Additionally, retailers can use the fuel/ vehicle data and account management to create new service revenue and differentiated marketing offerings to help lift overall sales.

For fleet owners who use retail or homebase sites to fuel their vehicles, AVI will ensure every drop of fuel is placed in an authorized vehicle.

Fleets will receive more accurate tracking reports and invoices, automatically. Both of these lead to significant cost savings for the fleet and allow them to focus on their core business.



The Solution:

Each vehicle is equipped with a passive RFID tag which is authorized at the dispenser. Fuel is dispensed only when an authorized vehicle is identified by the forecourt controller,


Any attempt to remove the nozzle and refuel another vehicle will immediately suspend the refueling process, the system will prevent drivers fuel frauds,
Tense will increase the fleet consumption efficiency and improve fuel consumption economy approximately 15-30%.


The system ensures that the fuel goes only to the vehicle/fleet of the account to be charged. Any attempt to remove the nozzle and refuel another vehicle will immediately suspend the process. It is also to prevent unauthorized fuel transfer from the vehicle fuel tank.

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