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Any large fleet with its own fuel station that requires tight management, monitoring and authorization - from the pump to the head office - can benefit from Tsense. It is ideal for any fleet application, including mobile fleet fueling, mining, ports, airports, municipalities, commercial fleets, transportation and construction.

No matter what the refueling method and authorization requirements, Tsense is a leader in fleet fueling systems and provides significant fuel cost savings and operational benefits from automation and real-time data analysis. Commercial fleets can remotely manage all of their refueling sites to gain better control over multi-site fuel inventory and delivery.

Tsense offers full site automation and control of the dispenser, tanks and fueling truck, including a ruggedized pedestal/box and field-proven site management software for fleet fueling authorization. It includes an built-inn payment terminal for fueling authorization using employee tags and contactless tags, as well as fuel, fleet and wireless refueling system

Control Your Diesel Assets

Tsense merges local fleet telematics and fuel management in an integrated commercial fleet fuel management system, offering:

Fleet tracking and routing

Fuel optimization

Fleet maintenance and diagnostics

Asset management and scheduling

Driver behavior and safety

Fleet analytics & alerts

Comprising up to 20% of all fleet expenses, fuel is the most significant component in a fleet's cost structure. Tsense allows fleets to improve their fleet’s efficiently and reduce fuel expenses, whether they have their own home-base stations or they fuel at retail sites. The solution combines fueling transaction records and automated fueling with real-time vehicle location and data into a single fleet head office management system that controls all fleet parameters, yielding significant savings and optimal performance.

Tsense Fleet solution gives fleet managers a powerful set of fleet fuel management tools to efficiently run their fleets and control operations. the system allow a unique combination to any local fleet telematics and fuel management solutions. Focused on fuel economy, Tsense helps fleet managers reduce fuel expenses and maximize fleet efficiency.

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