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Benefits for oil companies:

Increase in loyalty level of individual and fleet customers

Increase in market share

Increase in dealer’s loyalty

Long-term fuel contract with fleets

Provision of secured fueling to customers

Innovative high tech image

Increase in throughput of stations


Benefits for fuel station operators:

Increases fuel sales

Enables more competitive customer attraction

Operates local loyalty programs

Faster and improved service, self service

Requires fewer attendants

Eliminates need for credit cards, vouchers or checks

Optimal management and control including shifts and inventory


Benefits for fleet owners:

Saving on fuel expenses

Fueling of authorized fleet vehicles only

Prevention of fuel fraud

Efficient use of time and manpower in fleet management and accurate accounting

Reporting on vehicle usage and consumption

Odometer and engine hour readings for effective maintenance scheduling (To be Develop Process)

Advanced fleet reporting based on information collected from the vehicle bus

Triple-Sense Wireless Vehicle Identification Systems (VIU's) which represents a revolutionary approach to Vehicle Identification Units  and uses wireless technology between the gas station components to eliminate infrastructure investment.

The system ensures that the fuel goes only to the vehicle/fleet of the account to be charged. Any attempt to remove the nozzle and refuel another vehicle will immediately suspend the process. It is also possible to collect odometer and engine hour data from the vehicle for consumption and maintenance reports and also to prevent unauthorized fuel transfer from the vehicle fuel tank. (To be Develop Process)


This concept means fuel is only dispensed after validation of the acount and payment commitment. A transaction is authorized based on the VIU’s unique identification, with one of the following optional, additional layers of authorization:

Customers report savings of 3-5% on fuel expense!

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